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    ZQuiet Chooses SaviLinx to Meet Brand Promise for Great Direct Response Customer Service

    Any company can sell a product. But ZQuiet decided early on that what it really wanted to do was build a brand based on customer experience for its anti-snoring device. It chose SaviLinx for direct response customer service because the company shared its values, and the savings have followed. With call center operations running much [...]

    SaviLinx CEO Heather Blease Shares Insight with Foundr Magazine

    How Partnerships Can Help Startups Focus,?Heather D. Blease | CEO and Founder SaviLinx, LLC? Foundr Magazine | Startup Section February 2017 issue Starting up a company is?intense, exhilarating, and?nerve wracking. I’m three?years into my most recent?startup, and while some things?get easier (I don’t feel like?throwing up every morning,?for example), the pace can be?overwhelming. I have [...]

    Calyx Partners with SaviLinx for Customer Service and Retention

    ? ? Customer Retention Success Stories - Calyx Flowers When the husband-and-wife team of Kap Wallingford and Mark Ranalletti decided to purchase the online florist firm Calyx in the summer of 2015, they knew they had a lot of work ahead of them. The company had multiple owners in its 30+ years in business, and [...]